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Gulf Optic is the market leader in contact lenses, carrying several renowned brands, such as Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Alcon for daily and monthly disposable lenses. As an added benefit, 55 years of service in eyewear and contact lenses

Gulf Optic boasts of a wide collection of contact lenses that promises exceptional clarity and comfort to the wearer. As the safest and the most convenient alternative to conventional glasses, our contact lenses come in handy for anybody with short-sight, long-sight, astigmatism or presbyopia. Our multifocal contact lens line is also products in great demand for our clients.

For specific requirements, we also offer consultation services by our internationally-acclaimed optometrists who can help you find the right kind of lenses based on your grade. Gulf Optic specializes in cosmetic and medical contact lenses, they are readily available online for your convenient buying, with the assurance of free and fast delivery across the UAE. Buy contact lenses online in the UAE today