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Naturel Core Marron- 2 Lenses – (6 Month) Daily Wear

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Naturel Colored Contact Lenses?(1 Month) Daily Wear

Now you can match your eye color with your dress style and get a new look with Naturel and attractive soft colored contact lens at the best price. Be sure to get this amazing collection from Naturel, available Gulf Optics

  • (6 Month) Daily Wear colored contacts lens WITHOUT limbal ring for a more Naturel and attractive look.
  • Available in both Plano (0.00) and with prescription (power -0.50 to -6.00).
  • BC (Base Curve): 8.6 mm
  • DIA (Diameter): 14.2mm
  • Pair of 2 Lenses.
  • Lens Case box with left and right markings.

Duration of Usage:

  • 6 Month (depends on the quality of cleaning/storage/wear)

Product Certificates:?

  • U.S Food and Drug Administration Certificate.
  • GMP Certificate.
  • ISO Certificate.

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